is FLEET safety your goal?

Motor vehicle crashes are predictable and preventable. Yet, many drivers choose to behave in ways that put themselves and others at risk for a vehicle crash and/or serious injuries. Companies with fleets have little visibility to their drivers’ behavior. Yet this behavior directly impacts businesses' safety profile.

Our preventive safety program allows other motorists to provide feedback 24/7 about perceived irregular behavior.

How's My Driving? decals are an effective way to increase your drivers’ safety awareness and to prevent careless accidents from happening. The efficacy of our program has been documented to reduce the frequency of vehicle crashes and lower insurance premiums.

How's My Driving Decals


Our robust safety program is an effective way to manage fleet risk because it elicits feedback on driving behaviors from the general public and/or other drivers sharing the roadways. Our program allows fleet/safety managers to:


  • 1.Hold drivers accountable for their driving behavior because the drivers know they are being observed by other motorists
  • 2.Increase the company’s prospect for reduced crash rates and costs, such as direct and indirect costs associated with those crashes
  • 3.Show other motorists that your company cares about safety.

why it works

  • 1. Drivers know how to drive safely, but they don't always feel compelled to actually drive safely - Training alone doesn’t prevent accidents. Let your drivers know that they are being watched.
  • 2.If fleet managers can identify irregular driving behaviors and take action to assist drivers, accident rates can be reduced. Detect drivers at-risk before it is too late.
  • 3. Crash costs are not completely covered by commercial insurance and come out of company's profits.
  • 4. Promote accountability while helping drivers become valuable employees through effective coaching and training.

recent news

  • Why MVRs Are Not Enough. While MVRs are an important tool for pre-employment, its information is based on after-the-fact incidents. These reports do not take into account drivers with a clean history that may be exposed to high risk driving behaviors

  • Reducing Fleet's Preventable Accidents. Fleet companies should be proactive to enforce fleet safety policies and combine on-going incident reports with MVR checks to create robust driver’s safety profiles



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